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Pet Friendly Apartments

pet friendly apartments Nacogdoches

Pet Friendly Apartments Nacogdoches TX

Looking for a place for your furry friend too?

The Taliesin knows that many people will have special pets in their lives that will continue to live with them in their journey throughout SFA. We are pet lovers and want you and your pet to feel at home here. Feel comfortable with us at The Taliesin, we meet every pet before moving in and have an all around friendly property. You can stop by and take a tour today or call us and schedule your appointment. Our number is (936)569-0032.

What it means to be Pet Friendly Apartments:

We are constantly making sure that our property is a great place to live. We do our best to make sure each tenant and their pet are both fully accommodated. If you have any additional questions about our pet friendly apartments please call us at (936)-569-0032

Other Friendly Animals:

We make sure to interview each prospective tenants animal just like the tenant. We make sure that everyone is nice & friendly so there is no problems down the line. You are sure to enjoy living at The Taliesin when your pets enjoy it too. We don’t have any rude pets or pet owners living at The Taliesin.

Safe Community:

We want it to be a safe community here at our apartments. Our tenants have guests and family around regularly. That's why we make sure all the animals are friendly with each other and owners are understanding of their neighbors. All of our tenants are happy to be a part of our community. We have doggy stations where you can pick up after your pup and make it easy to care for your animal.

Which Pets are Welcomed, are any Excluded?

We do not exclude any pets. All pets are welcomed. We are a true pet friendly apartment complex and don’t discriminate. All that we ask is that we get to meet your pet and make sure they fit the property by being well behaved and not aggressive. We love animals here, and understand we need to protect the ones we have by allowing only friendly pets live here.

What are the Pet Fees?

Our pet fee is a $400 non-refundable pet fee that covers two pets per roommate. We also charge a $40 pet rent per month that also covers up to two pets. No restrictions.