Apartment Amenities

Our Location is Excellent!

Why Choose to live with Three Skies Management?

We offer our residents a 100% satisfaction promise with these outstanding apartment amenities.

All Bills Paid

  • When we say "all bills paid," we mean everything! Internet. Cable. Electricity. Water. Trash. Sewage. Monthly Pest Control. Perfect for budgeting students or busy parents, the all-in-one feature allows you to handle your month's expenses in one check.
  • No longer worry about who's name the electric is going to be under in roommate situations. Or having to pay five separate bills on five separate dates to five separate companies. One bill, one payment, easy living in our all-inclusive apartments.

  • Other properties advertise that "water is included" when, in fact, this just means that their residents pay the water bill directly to the management office instead of going to the city to pay. With Three Skies, water is included in the rent and there is no separate bill for truly all-inclusive apartment living.

  • Electric usage is metered individually per unit as opposed to collectively as a building. This is important because Residents can have a direct effect on their electric usage.

  • We pay for your monthly service of standard basic cable 
  • Residents may need to rent a digital converter box
  • Residents are able to purchase expansion packs onto their service.

  • Internet connection is hardwired into each apartment so that the service is individual. 
  • Residents provide their own cable modem and router and Three Skies pays for the internet service.
  • 50 mgs of speed.

  • Pest control comes once a month. We send text messages, the schedule is posted at the office, on each cork board, and listed on the property newsletter that is posted to resident's doors.

Immediate Action and Proactive Management
  • Same Day and 24hr. Emergency Maintenance
  • Our standard is "same day maintenance" so you don't have to wait 3 - 5 business days for your request to be addressed like the lease says.
  • An emergency is any maintenance issue that can cause damage to your health or the health of the property. Even if it's after normal business hours, if your request is an emergency, we'll be there to fix it quickly.
  • In emergency situations, please call the office. Do not rely on email or the resident portal.
  • If it's a health emergency or crime-related call 911
  • We handle all resident issues head on and immediately in order to ensure swift resolutions of any resident personality differences or concerns.

Fully Inclusive Pet Friendliness
  • The initial cost for having a pet is $300 per animal .
  • This fee is half refundable ($150 deposit , $150 fee)
  • The monthly pet rent is $30/month. 
  • We do not have a breed or weight restriction for pets
  • We allow all pets as long as they are on flea medication
  • Caged animals do not incur a monthly rent
  • There is no charge for hermit crabs or fish tanks under 1 gallon
  • We do not require a deposit OR monthly rent for service & emotional support animals.
  • Residents must provide the proper paperwork to qualify for waived fees.
  • Residents are still responsible for any damages the animal creates in the apartment.

Military & First Responder Discounts
  • We offer a discount to active and retired military veterans as well as firefighters, policemen and paramedics; $25 is removed from a market value base rent.
  • Sometimes TSM will partner with local companies and offer a $25 discount for any employees who lease with Three Skies.
  • Ask us about our current promotions!