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Off Campus Housing Nacogdoches TX

At The Taliesin we are dedicated to making your stay safe, friendly, and one of a kind. All students in Nacogdoches who decide to stay with us always enjoy their time as do we. We are close to campus and still have enough distance to enjoy off campus housing benefits. By choosing to stay with us you will not only enjoy a peaceful apartment, but the all bills paid living experience will let you focus on things that matter most like studying for school or making it to work on time. No matter what point of your academics you are in you probably understand at this point all the benefits of being able to live away from school. There are quite a few specifics we take pride in when providing a great living for our tenants. These range from students being a bit more independent, having freedom of a kitchen, and the option to choose roommates.

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At The Taliesin we understand the need for off campus housing. Dorms and school living can bring on unwanted roommates who might be rude or disruptive to studies, you may have limited dining choices, and you just won’t ever get to feel like you are away from school for a minute. Here you can enjoy a beautiful all bills paid apartments close to campus yet far enough to relax at. Choose your own roommate and come apply for an apartment together.

Food Options

Believe it or not, making your own food is a benefit to living away from school. Here at The Taliesin you have your own kitchenette and it is perfect for all your cooking needs. No need to wait behind a line of people at the dining hall or anything like that. You can also walk to several local places to grab a bite to eat.

Extra Value

There truly is extra value in staying here with us. You get to experience renting an apartment. When you learn to take care of your place and go to school, work, etc. It really adds to the experience of living away from campus. We see a lot of the students come from dorms and totally enjoy living here at The Taliesin. Call us today to ask us any questions, our number is (936)-569-0032.

We are happy to help you find the right apartment to meet all your needs. We are standing by waiting to help you. If you would like to stop by, please feel free, walk ins are welcomed. Check out our sister property for more options as well.