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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Off Campus Housing Needs Are Met In 2015

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Off Campus Housing Needs Are Met In 2015

Living alone and doing things independently is what most college students yearn for after their freshman year. They want their own space and independence from living within the precincts of their college. This leads them to move into off campus housing, which in most case is an apartment. And it can either mean living all by themselves, with a roommate or a bunch of roommates. Prior to seeking any housing, clearly determine your needs and wants.

Ways to Clearly Determine Your Needs

Ask Questions

Before moving in, it is important that you first ask the landlord questions. You have the right to because, after all, you are a prospective tenant. To fully determine your needs and get value for your money, make certain that security of the complex is guaranteed. Vital services must be provided by the landlord and you should really be satisfied with the apartment on offer, prior to signing on the dotted line on the lease. All your needs must be met before moving.

Satisfaction and Reviews

Certain things are really improtant and you might not know it until you move in. Trash facilities and parking area must be equally provided. You want an apartment with a parking area and trash facility that is adequate enough for you, the tenant. Looking for an apartment is not just about looking for the right features and the amenities offered, but also the satisfaction it provides. Do the current residents enjoy living there? Ask them, or look at google reviews. They may provide crucial information about the entire neighborhood prior to moving in. It helps.


Ensure your prospective place has adequate security. You have to make certain that you will be living in safe and secure neighborhood, free from home burglaries. And as a precautionary measure, you could request the landlord to change all the locks, or if he/she can have them re-keyed for you safety. Security is important, so don’t compromise on that. In case the landlord is adamant on changing the locks, ask if you can do the changing and hand them a new key copy.


Last of all, give a list of needed repairs to the landlord if there is any. You have to get value for your money. It is important that once the landlord agrees to your needing of repairs to set a timetable for the repairs and have it in record (and signed by both of you, of course). Keep a copy of the agreement and ask that it be included as part of the lease deal.

Enjoy living off campus! If you want to place an application. Just head here.